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Anhui Bowei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a National High-tech Enterprise mainly engaged in the research, development, production, fabrication, marketing of microwave high frequency electronics and over-voltage and over-current protection equipment.

Microwave High Frequency Electronics: Satellite LNB series( S band LNB, C band LNB, Ku Band LNB etc. ), Microwave Down converter series( MMDS, Yagi antenna etc. ), Microwave communication series( Wave Filters, Amplifiers, Duplexer etc. ) and other satellite receive equipment ( Switch, Splitter, Receiver, Dish/Mesh/Antenna etc. )

Over-voltage and Over-current Protection Equipment: BWP series, BWX, BWSR, BWZ series, BWCP, BWCT, BWFU etc..

The essential components of our products are selected from original imported ones and the main inspection instruments adopt HP instruments and meters, all of which are fabricated in modern assembly line. Moreover, there is a professional well-trained team serviced for the management, production and marketing of our company. Excellent components, superior team and advanced production testing equipments guarantee the high-quality products for our customers.

Our products command a good market both at home and abroad. Microwave High Frequency Electronics are mainly exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, North America etc. 86 countries and areas. In the domestic markets, Anhui Bowei Electronics services for the national Radio and Television
Hu Hu Tong Household Project and also supports the digital improvement for Regional Radio and TV Cable Network Companies. Meanwhile, Over-voltage and Over-current Protection Equipment are widely distributed around the country and mostly applied in fields of electricity, petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, cement and steel. 

In the future, Anhui Bowei Electronics will continue to communicate and cooperate with domestic and overseas counterparts in the main products to arrive at the aim of providing our honored customers with more excellent quality products and more superior service.